Simple Tips to Save Money on Laundry

When looking at ways to save money on laundry, it’s important to remember that even small savings do indeed add up over the course of a year. Now, you may very well be wondering how on earth you can save some cash with something as mundane as this, but it is indeed possible.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to take much effort on your part to make these savings, and that is clearly the best method out there. So, how can you save that cash? Well, by following these ideas.



1. Wash at a lower temperature


If you wash your laundry at a lower temperature, then it uses less power so it costs you less.

If you are worried that it’s not going to get things clean, then this is less of a problem than it was in the past simply because of the detergent that is now on the market.

You should look at washing the majority of laundry at 30C as most people do wash at a higher temperature thinking it will kill all of the bugs and also get rid of that dirt. However, this lower temperature will do just as good a job and you should only use the higher temperature with things that are in a mess.



2. Don’t use the dryer option


If you are able to dry your laundry by getting it outside, then do that. Using this part of your machine is the one part that uses the most power and also cost you the most money.

Use it as little as possible and you will see a massive difference in your bills just by making this one change.



3. Don’t wash half a load at a time


You want to make sure that you get value for money from doing your laundry, and one of the best ways is to stop that idea in its tracks that you only have a few items so will do what is effectively only half a wash.

Hold on and wait until you have more items that can go together because you are still going to be using the same amount of power and cost the same amount of money even when things are only half full. It surely makes sense to take advantage of filling things up and getting double the laundry done for the same cost.



4. Wear things more often


Yes, we all want to be clean and not walk around with dirty clothes, but there are times where we are guilty of washing items too often, and that’s hardly going to help you to save some cash.

If you have worn that top just the once and there’s nothing wrong with it, then does it really need to be washed? This is certainly something that you can look at on an individual basis .



5. Use the shortest possible cycle


Some of the wash cycles are just too long and the longer the process, then the more money it will cost you. By shortening the cycle and drying them elsewhere, then it stands to reason that you will save some cash in the long-term.



6. Use vinegar as a softener


Vinegar costs next to nothing, and it is a wonderful softener to use with your laundry. Don’t worry that it’s going to make everything smell of vinegar as that’s not the case. Instead, it does a pretty good job and saves you a fortune over a year.



7. Use the correct amount of detergent


People have a tendency to not measure out the amount of detergent that they are using, and it often leads to them using too much costing the more money over an extended period of time. If the clothes are not too bad, then you can use less detergent and just add in some extra vinegar as mentioned above to make your clothes come out spotless.



These seven ways to save money on laundry can all play their part and that’s why it’s best if you use as many of them as possible to really make the maximum savings. So much of it is commonsense, and yet that is where we often let ourselves down.

By making these small changes, you will see a noticeable difference at the end of the year, and more money in your own pocket is better than it being somewhere else.

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