5 Easy Ways to Save Money at Starbucks

There’s a reason Starbucks is the most visited coffee house in the world. The five billion dollar coffee company pretty much single-handedly popularized the dark roast coffee house, taking it from a meeting place for the alternative crowds to a place where families and groups of all types can visit.

Their reputation for quality, fresh ingredients, good service, and the wholesome atmosphere is well-deserved, but it also comes at a cost. Starbucks isn’t cheap, in other words. A daily morning coffee habit can run you between $15.00 to $30.00 per week depending on the size and type.

Worry not, for we have put together this short list of five ways you can cut those costs and enjoy delicious coffee without hurting your pockets.



1. Starbucks Rewards


I know, this is how they get you. Every store and restaurant has its reward program, and few of them are worth the time and effort to participate. That is, unless you consume their products frequent enough. A daily coffee habit qualifies, I think, so why not take a few minutes out of your schedule to sign up?

Perks like free birthday coffees and free beverages, once you’ve ordered a certain amount, should appeal to even the casual Starbucks patrons. The Rewards program even has the gold membership that allows free refills for in-store visitors, which normally costs fifty cents.



2. Reusable Cups


Most people don’t know that you can bring a cup into Starbucks and they’ll replace it free of charge with their own cup, or that you can get your own Starbucks brand coffee cups for less than ten bucks.

Bring one of these to the counter with you will save ten cents off the menu price, or $36.50 per year if you have a cup every day.

It also carries the good feeling that you’re putting less waste in the environment, which can feel as warm inside as a good cup of coffee.



3. Find Discounted Gift Cards


There are a bunch of websites that allow users to sell old gift cards for less than they are worth, including Starbucks gift cards (Gift Card Granny, Raise).

This means you can find yourself in a situation where you get $50.00 worth of coffee for $35.00, or perhaps even less.

You can also find discounted gift cards on Groupon, who recently ran a promotion where they were selling $10.00 cards for $5.00. These cards sold out rather quickly, but chances are high it will happen again in the future.



4. Drink Smart


If you’re just visiting Starbucks to get your daily shot of caffeine, you don’t always need to get the largest, most expensive drinks to give you a jolt in the morning. The menu has a handful of tasty items that cost less than $3.00, like Frappuccino and even iced coffees that are less than $2.00.



5. Follow Starbucks Promotions


It pays to stay informed, and in the time of always-on social media, it’s much easier. Subscribing to Starbucks’ feeds can give you push notification on your computer or mobile device about limited-time offers, so you’ll always know of the most cost-effective options when you enter the shop.

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