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Cyber Monday Shopping Guide – How to Get a Great Deal

Cyber Monday is coming up on after thanksgiving and everyone is getting ready for the best deals of the year. If you’re like me, then you value your deals a lot and you want Cyber Monday to count.

No doubt, you won’t be the only shopper scrambling for those precious discounts and there will be a lot of competition. The stores don’t help either by being subtle with all the best deals.

To get a head of the competition, you’ll have to know some neat hacks.

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5 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday

Black Friday is a common event in most shoppers’ calendars, it’s the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas where people make bulk purchases of items. In fact, it’s estimated that Black Friday accounts for almost 30% of yearly retail sales. Nowadays, many people prefer shopping online during this period due to the many benefits it offers. […]

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